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Archive for October 2019

With the Deadline Less than a Year Away, Here’s What You Need to Know about the REAL ID

What is the REAL ID? The REAL ID Act is a federal law that affects how states issue driver’s licenses and identification cards.  The Act established specific security standards for state-issued driver’s licenses.  Beginning October 1, 2020, Federal agencies will be prohibited from accepting licenses and identification cards that do not meet these standards.  This means that individuals will not be able to board a commercial plane or enter a…

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Halloween Safety Tips

    Halloween is a time for fun costumes, spooky scares and buckets overflowing with candy.  But with all of the excitement, parents and children may overlook the safety risks that come along with celebrating this treat-filled holiday. With some simple planning and precautions, we can all create a safe environment for children to have fun!  Here are some tips from Kids Safe Worldwide to help ensure your children have a healthy and safe Halloween. Walk Safely Cross the…

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Azrael Franz’s Longstanding Relationship with The Children’s Cancer Foundation

Azrael Franz has been an active member of the Baltimore community for more than 70 years.  For over half of that time, the firm and its attorneys have been major supporters of The Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. The Children’s Cancer Foundation The Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. (CCF) is an independent Maryland nonprofit organization committed to funding locally-based cancer researchers, programs and facilities until every child is assured a healthy future. …

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State’s Attorney Advocates for 790 “Tainted” Baltimore Convictions to be Thrown Out

On Friday, October 4, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby began asking Baltimore Courts to vacate nearly 800 criminal cases handled by 25 Baltimore City police officers.  In explaining her requests, Mosby explained that she found reason to distrust the 25 Baltimore City officers, which included the eight convicted officers involved in the Gun Trace Task Force scandal.  Mosby further stated that her office has no choice but to throw out the…

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“Fall Back” into Safe Driving: Quick Tips for Driving at Night

This year, Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 3.  Consequentially, the days will become shorter and the roads will become more dangerous. The attorneys at Azrael Franz shed light on the hazards of driving at night. Nighttime is one of the most dangerous time to be on the road.  In fact, fatal accidents occur three times more at night than they do during the day, despite the typical decrease…

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