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Archive for June 2017

Pipe Explosion in Downtown Baltimore

On Tuesday June 20th, a steam pipe explosion in Downtown Baltimore buckled the street, creating a large crater out of which a large plume shot into the air for a full hour before emergency crews could control it. The cloud was quickly confirmed to be steam, allaying concerns of dangerous chemical exposure and burn injuries. Rubble and debris was scattered over the South Eutaw Street area, car and business windows…

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Cyclist Killed In Towson Hit-And-Run Crash

A fatal crash occurred in Towson overnight involving a bicyclist, according to the Baltimore County Police Department. Officials are continuing to look for the vehicle that initially hit the cyclist. Aaron Michael Laciny, 20, of the 1300 block of South Charles Street, died after he was hit by two vehicles while biking in the area of Charles Street and Charlesbrooke, police said. He had been riding in the southbound lane of Charles…

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The Uniform Commercial Code and How It Affects Your Business

The Uniform Commercial Code covers legal aspects of many business activities. Here, the business law attorneys at AFSL briefly outline these laws and the impact they can have on businesses. Unique challenges arise for businesses that enter into transactions in several states when each state has significantly different commercial law. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was published to help make business activities more predictable by having a uniform code of…

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Preventing Burns and Injuries During Fourth of July

Fourth of July is a holiday filled with patriotism and fun, but the prevalence of fireworks and other incendiary devices can make it dangerous. Here, the legal experts at AFSL detail ways to keep you and your family safe this coming Fourth of July. Use of Fireworks in Maryland In Maryland, the sale and use of non-aerial and non-explosive fireworks, also known as “safe and sane” fireworks, by the general…

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CBS Interviews Keith Franz Regarding Security Breach at BWI

In a CBS report published May 30th, 2017, AFSL partner Keith Franz spoke on a security incident that occurred at BWI airport. On Saturday, May 27th, an unauthorized man broke through one of the BWI airport gates with a car and illegally boarded an empty airplane with a backpack. After airport authorities apprehended the man, they inspected his backpack, finding only papers and other personal effects. They quickly determined the…

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Spring Fire Safety Tips

Take spring-cleaning one step further by clearing your home and property of fire-related hazards. Here, the fire victim advocates at Azrael Franz explain how to protect your family and possessions from the dangers of house fires. When it comes to house fires, prevention is key. As most fires are preventable, it is important to create a safe environment for you and your family. Below, the fire victim advocates at AFSL…

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