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Archive for May 2018

Personal Injury on Vacation: What are Your Next Steps?

For many, summer signifies vacation and fun.  But sometimes, accidents occur during vacations that could mean severe injury for you or your loved ones. Here, the legal professionals at Azrael, Franz, Schwab & Lipowitz explain the proper protocol after you’ve sustained injuries during vacation. What are Common Vacation Injuries? Some vacations, such as beach vacations, cruises or adventure-sport vacations, are more accident-prone than others. But there is risk of injury…

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Fire Safety During the Summer

Summertime is the best season for barbeques, campfires and bonfires, but these fun pastimes can turn tragic without proper safety precautions. Here, the burn survivor advocates at Azrael Franz detail ways to stay safe during fire-related activities this summer. Campfire and Bonfire Safety Follow Area Rules It is important to follow the rules of the area in which you are staying, whether it be a bonfire at home or a…

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Azrael, Lipowitz and Solter Represent Davis Family in Wrongful Death Case Involving Police Corruption

Judson Lipowitz, John Solter and Jonathan Azrael, Partners at Azrael Franz, represent the Davis family in a wrongful death case involving 86-year-old Elbert Lee Davis Sr., the victim in a fatal car crash. The driver who struck Davis, Umar Burley, recently had his sentence vacated after an investigation of the Baltimore City Police Department (“BPD”) uncovered evidence of widespread corruption within the Gun Trace Task Force, a special police unit…

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