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Archive for November 2014

Personal Injuries from Burns

The personal injury attorneys at AFSL explain the difference between first, second, and third degree burns. There was a memorable burn case in the 1990’s that made headlines after a woman sued McDonald’s due to burns caused by spilling a cup of hot coffee on herself.  The woman won the case after sustaining deep tissue burns and scaring. However, people would be wise not to take that case as an…

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Leash Laws Help Prevent Dog Bites and Personal Injuries

Maryland leash laws help to prevent the personal injuries that can result from dog bites or dog attacks. While most dog owners seem to understand the so called “pooper scooper” law, there are many other animal control laws that are designed not only for the protection of people, but also for the animals themselves. Leash laws are one set of such laws that are designed to help prevent dog bites…

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