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Archive for October 2014

Fatal Air Collision Occurs in Frederick

At approximately 3 p.m. yesterday, October 23, 2014, there was a fatal air collision between a landing airplane and helicopter in Frederick, MD. Unfortunately, three were killed and two are injured. Our hearts go out to those who were affected by this tragedy. For more information, visit this website. Check back here for more information on a later date.

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Preventing Accidents and Injuries at Halloween

Over the past few decades, Halloween has undergone a transformation from a simple children’s holiday to a multi-billion dollar industry as adults and kids alike find creative ways to celebrate. However, what hasn’t changed are the safety hazards associated with Halloween that are often overlooked.  Here the attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab and Lipowitz, LLC offer tips for a safe and happy Halloween. Choose costumes carefully: Although the Flammable Fabrics…

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Preventing Distracted Driving

In 1995, a mere 11 percent of the U.S. population had cell phones.  Today that number has climbed to 93 percent, and it’s no surprise that there’s been a corresponding increase in accidents and injuries attributable to distracted driving.  Here the personal injury attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab and Lipowitz offer tips to prevent distracted driving. Don’t multi-task: Smartphones keep us close to our email, internet and texts at all…

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