Over the past few decades, Halloween has undergone a transformation from a simple children’s holiday to a multi-billion dollar industry as adults and kids alike find creative ways to celebrate. However, what hasn’t changed are the safety hazards associated with Halloween that are often overlooked.  Here the attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab and Lipowitz, LLC offer tips for a safe and happy Halloween.

Choose costumes carefully: Although the Flammable Fabrics Act (FFA) requires manufacturers of costumes to use flame-resistant materials, “flame-resistant” is not the same as “flameproof.” With the popularity of DIY costumes assembled from the Goodwill store or the cost saving method of using older hand-me-downs, many forget that these costumes are not within the parameters of the FFA. Be mindful to the fact that you should always consider fire risk when choosing a costume.

Be fire-safe: Keep candles and jack-o-lanterns away from doorsteps or other areas where they could come into contact with costumes.  If possible consider using electric candles.  Having a party in the house?  Instead of creating the Halloween mood with dangerous candles, change out light bulbs in favor of lower-wattage flicker bulbs.  You’ll achieve the same eerie atmosphere without the increased risk.

Snug is better:  Garments or pants that are too long create a trip-and-fall hazard.  A close-fitting costume is a better choice. If you want to be a superhero, re-think the cape.

See: That mask may look great from the outside, but if you or your child can’t see out of it, choose differently.  Masks should fit closely, be easy to breathe through and offer as much peripheral vision as possible.

Be seen: Although daylight savings time now ends after Halloween, the days are still much shorter.  It’s likely to be dark out, and other parents may be hurrying home to get their own trick-or-treaters out the door.  Make sure you and your little goblins are wearing reflective garments and carrying flashlights or glow sticks.

A few very simple and smart choices in your Halloween planning can help to make sure it’s a fun and happy time for all involved.  Choose costumes wisely and avoid fire hazards … simple tricks to make sure Halloween’s a treat.

Questions about safety at Halloween or any time of year?  Contact the personal injury attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab and Lipowitz, LLC.