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Archive for December 2012

$$$ For Wrongful Foreclosure Victims

Your Request For A Review Must Be Filed By December 31, 2012. If Your Home Was Foreclosed While You Were In Active Military Service, You May Have Additional Legal Rights. Military Personnel Are Invited To Call Me, Jonathan A. Azrael (410-821-6800) For A Personal Consultation.    

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NTSB Recommends Ignition Interlocks For All First-Time Dwi Offenders And Endorses Development Of Passive Alcohol-Detection Technology

Today the NTSB issued a recommendation that is welcome news for all involved in the drunk driving issue and could herald a new era in combating this tragic crime. See the press release below. Following its May 15, 2012 Forum on Impaired Driving the NTSB has taken on the matter “head on” and is putting its weight behind two initiatives that will dramatically reduce, even eliminate, all drunk driving in…

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