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Archive for April 2016

What You Should Know about Uber’s Insurance Policy

Rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft have taken over the streets, but who holds financial responsibility in the event of an accident? Uber is determined to provide safe rides throughout all cities; offering end-to-end insurance from pickup to drop off. This insurance, however, is not a blanket coverage for all accidents. Most individuals are not aware that coverage is determined by the driver’s activity during the time of the…

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The Charitable Farmer: Helping an Admirable Client Accomplish his Goals

by Paul J. Schwab, III Some attorneys are fortunate enough to work with admirable clients, Andy (whose real name has been protected) was such a client.  I was the lucky attorney given the opportunity to help Andy accomplish his charitable goals by providing estate planning, real estate and dispute resolution services. Andy was single and had no children. He operated his family’s fruit farm on approximately 70 acres in Baltimore County…

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