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Archive for December 2014

Keith Franz interviewed by WJZ on Gaithersburg plane crash

Firm partner, Keith Franz, was interviewed by WJZ on two occasions about the unfortunate case of the Gaithersburg plane crash. In the first interview on December 9th, he explained that the pilot most likely had  “a variety of things on his mind and may not have been fully aware of the danger of his speed.” In the second interview on December 16th, Keith discussed his hopes for new standards that will require an earlier warning system.…

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Gaithersburg Plane Crash

Monday, December 8, 2014 According to Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Chief Steve Lohr, a small jet crashed before 10:45 a.m. Monday in the 19000 block of Drop Forge Lane, near Snouffer School Road in Gaithersburg, killing all three aboard.  There are 3 people living in the home at the time who are unaccounted for: a mother, an infant and a toddler. Two other homes also were badly damaged, according to officials.…

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