Real Estate/Zoning

Azrael Franz attorneys have been practicing real estate and zoning law in Maryland since Edward Azrael began his practice in 1930. Over these past many years, Azrael Franz has represented real estate professionals, developers, builders, community associations, property managers, condominium and homeowners' associations, landlords, tenants, sellers and buyers in almost every type of real estate transaction. Three of the Azrael Franz attorneys have served on zoning boards of appeal in Baltimore City or Baltimore County. Currently, Jonathan Azrael, John R. Solter Jr., and Paul Schwab are actively involved in the real estate department.

Jonathan and Paul have many years of experience in real estate law. They concentrate their practice on commercial and residential real estate transactions, representing developers, builders, banks and individuals. Jonathan also serves as Director of the Azrael Franz real estate title affiliate, Cartier Federal Title, and draws on his vast experience in authoring his weekly column in the Real Estate Section of the Baltimore Sun newspaper. Paul handles sophisticated real estate matters including formation of condominium and homeowners' associations, real estate acquisitions, development law, sales, financing and leasing. He also focuses on the representation of real estate professionals in court and before the Maryland Real Estate Commission and Real Estate Boards across the State of Maryland.

Whatever the real estate issue involved, Azrael Franz has the experience and skill to effectively represent your interests. We invite you to e-mail Jonathan, Paul or John, regarding any questions you may have. The business matters we handle include:

  • Commercial and Condominium residential real estate transactions
  • Zoning, subdivision, development of real estate
  • Financing real estate transactions
  • Condominium and homeowners documentation
  • Investment property advice

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