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Keith Franz Opinion Relied Upon In WJZ Story About Chronic Fatigue Among Air Traffic Controllers

Asleep on the job. A new report shows chronic fatigue among air traffic controllers is an ongoing problem.

Read the original CBS local story here.

“Christie Ileto explains how sleeping on the job can endanger the lives of those who fly every day.

The FAA says it’s made changes since the report, but for those who frequently fly, this is a wakeup call.

Chronic fatigue on the job is highlighted in a revealing 2012 report, where 2 out of 10 air traffic controllers admit to making mistakes due to lack of sleep–like bringing planes too close together–while more than half confess to dozing off on their way to work overnight shifts.

The average amount of sleep for the 3,000 surveyed is less than six hours a night.

The report followed a fatal 2006 accident in Lexington, KY where air traffic control fatigue was a substantial factor in the death of 49 passengers.

AFSL partner Keith Franz is an aviation attorney with considerable experience in air disaster litigation.  .

‘More and more we are seeing instances where air traffic controllers are not getting sufficient sleep to do their job effectively.  Unfortunately for an unsuspecting public the consequences of air traffic controller fatigue could be catastrophic, and in some instances it has led to disastrous results.’ Franz said.” Read more.

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