Recently, a Client contacted Azrael Franz’s Partner Paul Schwab with concern over the immense increase in their Baltimore County property tax bill.  After inquiring, it became apparent that an erroneous Baltimore County sewer service charge was the reason for the drastic increase.

A sewer service charge is part of your annual property tax bill.  About 230,000 households get water from Baltimore’s sewage system.  While the city handles water billing for properties located in the county, the county administers service fees.  The county calculates the charge based on the prior year’s water consumption.

Errors have plagued Baltimore’s water billing system in recent years, with some residents receiving bills for tens of thousands of dollars.  If you have experienced a dramatic increase in your Baltimore County sewer service charge on your property tax bill this year, contact attorneys Paul Schwab or Carley Wilbourne at Azrael Franz.  We may be able to help.