Cyclist Killed In Towson Hit-And-Run Crash

A fatal crash occurred in Towson overnight involving a bicyclist, according to the Baltimore County Police Department. Officials are continuing to look for the vehicle that initially hit the cyclist.

Aaron Michael Laciny, 20, of the 1300 block of South Charles Street, died after he was hit by two vehicles while biking in the area of Charles Street and Charlesbrooke, police said.

He had been riding in the southbound lane of Charles Street in the 6200 block when he was hit.

“Charles Street is a four-lane road, and Laciny was riding his bicycle in the left lane, nearest to the double yellow line,” police said in a statement. “Investigation indicates that the vehicle that first struck the bicyclist failed to remain at the scene of the crash. The bicyclist was struck by a second vehicle, a Cadillac automobile, as it came upon the crash scene in the dark. The operator of that vehicle contacted police immediately and remained at the scene.”

Police ask anyone with information about the deadly crash to call 410-307-2020.