Professional Malpractice

Every one of us relies on professionals at one time or another. Each visit to the doctor, every time we engage a lawyer or accountant, when we buy, build or renovate a home, we trust the professionals we have hired to look after our best interests and provide us with effective service. When a professional is negligent in performing his or her duties, significant injuries and losses can be inflicted on those who trusted and relied on the professional's skill and judgment.

Azrael Franz has a long history of protecting the rights of consumers against the damages that result from professional negligence. Our approach involves a three-step process. First, we thoroughly evaluate the facts and circumstances that have occurred. Second, we make certain that our client understands the standard of care that we believe will apply. Finally, if it appears that the professional's conduct falls below the relevant standard of care, we aggressively pursue a claim of professional malpractice.

The Azrael Franz experience in professional liability cases involves not only physicians and attorneys, but also architects, engineers, dentists, accountants, insurance agents and financial advisers; the full range of professionals. The Azrael Franz litigation experience in this area also involves claims of breach of fiduciary duty and litigation over the liability of officers and directors of corporations to shareholders or third parties.

If you believe that you have a claim for professional malpractice, we invite you to contact Keith Franz or John R. Solter Jr., with your concerns.