Fire Loss


Fatal fires can cause anguish beyond measure for those who have tragically lost a loved one. It can affect each family member physically, psychologically, socially and vocationally in ways that can overwhelm the survivors and immeasurably alter their lives. It is common for parents who have lost children to lose focus, become confused and even depressed, as a variety of unanticipated issues require attention and resolution. For the children of a loved one lost in a fire, the consequences can impact their lives forever. We understand. Our firm's attentive and personal approach allows us to provide an exemplary level of service to family members in need of a forceful, yet sensitive, advocate.

We believe it is necessary to represent the interests of the family as a whole, with a caring and comprehensive approach designed to assist each member with the issues that they face, both legal and non-legal. Our goal in every case is to pursue the entire truth of what occurred, to promptly and completely inform our clients of our conclusions and to work together to choose and pursue a course of action that will most effectively aid throughout a family's healing process.

Fire fatalities represent some of the most complex and arduous cases that exist. Critical evidence is often destroyed in the fire, and hard fought battles over the cause of the fire are all too common. Azrael, Franz, Schwab & Lipowitz faces these challenges with a carefully drawn and executed trial plan, supported by leading expert witnesses that can express the cause and consequences of the tragedy in clear and convincing terms. Fortunately, many fatal fire cases can be resolved through settlement without the usual anxiety and uncertainty that come with a trial, once our experts have reached their conclusions, our evidence has been preserved and the opposition has an opportunity to see the compelling facts that prove our case.

To most fully represent our clients' best interest, we meet regularly to listen to their concerns, keep them well informed of progress in the case and work to anticipate any future actions. Our care for our clients goes well beyond representation in the claim itself. There are a variety of matters that can arise - some of which may be anticipated and some that cannot be expected that require prompt attentive. Our goal is to address these issues quickly and effectively to allow the family the opportunity to tend to their grief and recovery.

Azrael Franz is proud of the results it has achieved for its clients, yet we measure our success by more that just addressing our clients' financial concerns. We work tirelessly with families throughout the healing process. Our service frequently extends beyond the completion of the litigation, and we take pride in the relationships that are formed and maintained well beyond the conclusion of our legal efforts.

Beyond the relationship we form with with our valued clients, Azrael Franz takes great satisfaction in the considerable pro bono service that we provide to the burn community. We have counseled numerous burn survivors including those touched by tragedy of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks at the Pentagon and in New York City. Our efforts also include devoting our firm to the establishment of the MIchael D. Hendrix Burn Research Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital, which was initiated with the largest contribution in the history of the Maryland Regional Burn Center, and names for a client of the firm whose life was tragically cut short as a result of severe burns he sustained in an airline crash.

We also provide free legal services such as counsel for the Baltimore County Retired Fire Officers and Firefighters Association, and to other firefighting organizations. Attorneys at the firm lecture frequently on fire safety and victims' rights. Our commitment to assisting those in need continues to be a guiding principle of the firm.