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Burn Injuries

Burn injuries bring with them a whole host of problems affecting every aspect of a survivor's life. The physical, psychological, social and vocational effects of burn related injuries can be devastating to survivors and to their families. Azrael Franz works with its clients to identify the best possible treatment during the critical initial phase of recovery and pursue the most effective rehabilitation program to aid in the recovery and assimilation of the burn survivor back into their previous pursuits.

Sadly, too many burn victims succumb to the overwhelming assault that their body endures as a result of their burn incident. With this in mind, Keith Franz devoted himself to the establishment of the Michael D. Hendrix Burn Research Center at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, named for a client of the firm whose life was tragically cut short as a result of severe burns that he sustained in an airline crash.

Through his work with burn victims, Keith Franz has developed relationships with some of this country's leading medical authorities on burn injuries. Keith's hands-on approach allows him to provide an exemplary level of service to victims in need of a forceful yet sensitive advocate.

For more information about burn related injuries, please contact Keith Franz.

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