Fire Loss

Fires can be devastating. Lives can be lost. Property and businesses can be ruined. Sound, legal advice at an early stage can help families and businesses when a fire loss occurs.

Team Effort. Through team effort, your lawyer can put together a team to aid fire loss victims. The team may include a fire investigator to determine “cause and origin” of the fire as well as an independent fire loss adjuster. The fire loss adjuster will help in proving the monetary losses and/or damages for your case. Together with the team, the attorney can determine if there is potential third party liability for loss of life and property while also maximizing fire insurance benefits.

Personal Injury and Death. When fire tragically causes personal injury or death, your lawyer can represent injured parties and family members in obtaining fair compensation. The attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab & Lipowitz are experienced in fire damage claims, whether they involve only damage to property and business, or whether they involve personal injury and/or death. Early involvement is critical because it is important to obtain and preserve evidence of the cause and origin of the fire.