Airplane Crashes

If a loved one is injured or tragically killed in an airline accident, the victim's family is faced with many challenges. Initially there are an overwhelming number of questions that must be answered.

Ultimately, the questions come down to, "Why did this happen?" There are of course numerous federal and local government agencies that devote tireless effort in pursuing the truth about an airplane crash.

Often their answers educate but do not comfort the families of those who have been brutally affected. A comprehensive approach designed to assist each family member with the constellation of issues that they face both legal and non-legal, is necessary to best represent the interests of the family as a whole. One important challenge left to a victim's family is holding the negligent airline or manufacturer accountable for their actions. In meeting this challenge, effective legal representation is critical.

Azrael Franz has successfully represented numerous clients who have suffered terrible losses as the result of an airline crash. Our attorneys have served vital roles throughout the Plaintiff's Steering Committee phase of complex multi-district litigation to ensure that an exhaustive investigation is pursued and a candid explanation of the cause of the accident is uncovered. In doing so Azrael Franz works tirelessly to assure that the voice of the victim is heard.

Our attorneys have the experience, competence and support to make sure your family's legal rights are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We know the horrible repercussions that victims' families must deal with -- the devastating emotional impact, the impossibly tragic loss, the sadness and the anger. We believe our dedicated attorneys and caring staff can help you through the terrible loss you have suffered and hold accountable those who caused it. We know that no amount of money can adequately compensate for the tragedy that has occurred. Our goal is to aggressively pursue full and frank answers to the many questions raised by the tragedy, promptly and completely inform our clients of these results and together choose and pursue a course of action that will most effectively aid throughout the healing process a victim's family must endure.

The lawyers at Azrael Franz have extensively litigated and negotiated claims arising from aviation crashes, taking a lead role in national litigation against airlines, manufacturers and maintenance companies. Pursuing airline crash litigation presents a multitude of factual and legal issues that require expertise and dedication in order to be appropriately resolved. Crash victims' families deserve experienced lawyers who will develop the facts and answer the overriding question, “Why did this happen?” Azrael Franz is prepared to get to the bottom of these questions as well as assist victims with potentially complex estate matters, insurance coverage issues, life insurance payments, and most significantly hold those responsible for there tragic crash accountable for the losses sustained.

Azrael Franz has successfully represented victims and their families in several aviation disasters including:

  • American Airlines Flight 587, Belle Harbor, New York, 2001
  • American Airlines Flight 11, World Trade Center, New York, 2001
  • United Airlines Flight 175, World Trade Center, New York, 2001
  • American Airlines Flight 77, Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia, 2001
  • Delta Airlines Flight 1288, Pensacola, Florida, 1996
  • Delta Connection Prop-jet, Flight 529, Carrollton, Georgia, 1995
  • American Airlines Flight 331, Kingston Jamaica, 2009

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