On Sunday, August 4, at around 6:10 PM, officers responded to the ramp from Harry S. Truman Drive to Central Avenue in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on a report of a crash involving three motorcycles.  According to the Maryland State Police, two motorcycles were stopped on the right shoulder of the ramp from Central Avenue to Largo Road when another motorcycle, traveling on the ramp from Harry S. Truman Drive to westbound Central Avenue, lost control, traveled across a grass median and struck the other two motorcycles.

The driver of the motorcycle that crashed, identified as Jared Stewart, 26, was thrown from the motorcycle.  Mr. Stewart was taken to the University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center where he was pronounced deceased. The other two motorcycle drivers refused treatment at the scene.

Also on Sunday, at around 7:55 PM, officers responded to a motorcycle crash in the area of I-695 at Maryland Route 2 in Glen Burnie.  The driver of the motorcycle, Brian Okeith Norris, 34, of Parkville, was pronounced deceased at the scene.  Both incidents remain under investigation.

The attorneys at Azrael Franz are dedicated to promoting safe behaviors on our roads.  Motorcycle accidents, though not necessarily more frequent than other types of accidents, are more likely to result in serious injury or death.  Below are tips to keep yourself and fellow drivers safe.

Helpful Tips Regarding Motorcycles to Keep Yourself and Fellow Drivers Safe:

  • Beware of your Blind Spots:  Since motorcycles have such a slim frame, they can be easily hidden in a car’s blind spot or masked by objects outside of the car. Take an additional second to look out for motorcycles whether you are changing lanes or turning at an intersection.  Left turns can be particularly dangerous due to your blind spots.
  • Be Aware of Distorted Depth Perception: Due to the smaller size of a motorcycle, it may look farther away than it truly is. It may also be difficult to accurately identify the speed. When checking traffic to turn at an intersection, expect a motorcycle to be closer than it looks.
  • Do Not Tailgate:  Leaving room between you and a motorcycle is essential to helping prevent accidents. Giving yourself room will give you time and space to react if the motorcyclist makes a quick, unexpected turn. Predict that a motorcyclist will be slowing down without visual warning.
  • Be Aware and Attentive:  Motorcycles do not handle the road the same way as cars, and can be much more sensitive to changes on the road.  Motorcycle stopping distance can be easily affected by slippery pavement. Again, allow more following distance behind a motorcycle.
  • Use Your Turn Signals: Regardless of whether motorcycles are on the road, you should always use your turn signals to help others on the road anticipate your next move.

For more information on safe driving, or if you or a loved one was injured in an accident, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Azrael Franz.