After two fatal plane crashes occurred within a five-month span, there was a growing call for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ground Boeing 737 Max-series aircrafts for public safety reasons but the FAA remained hesitant.

On Sunday, March 10th, 157 people were killed in an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash, which comes on the heels of the Indonesian Lion Air jet crash into the ocean five months earlier, killing 189 people. As an immediate result of the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash, the European Union grounded all Boeing 737 Max-series aircraft. It took the FAA until Wednesday, March 13 to finally make the rational decision that all Boeing 737 Max aircraft posed a danger to those flying and on the ground and prudent safety requirements demanded the entire fleet be grounded.  What took so long?

Aviation attorney Keith Franz was interviewed by CBS concerning the recent plane crashes as well as the fate of these Boeing aircraft in light of these recent tragedies, to which Franz answered that they should indeed have been grounded immediately:

“The safety of an unsuspecting public requires that they get a clear handle on why this is happening before they just give carte blanche to the airlines to continue to fly these planes,” Franz said. “Enough has happened that is similar between these two crashes to warrant a more in-depth investigation as to why.“

The two recent Boeing 737 Max-series aircraft crashes, the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash and the Indonesian Lion Air jet crash, are tragic and devastating events that impacted hundreds of people and their families. The compassionate aviation attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab, Lipowitz and Solter understand the many challenges that families affected by plane crashes face and expect to see that Boeing takes the needed action to assure events such as these are fully explained and that proper engineering and production make sure that another crash will not happen. With years of experience representing individuals and families impacted by plane crashes, the aviation attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab, Lipowitz & Solter urge you to contact our law offices today to learn more about your rights as a victim or survivor.