The June 8-11, 2011 Annual Meeting of The Maryland State Bar Association was the best attended in its history. One reason for the large attendance is the quality educational seminars offered by the Bar Association.

Jud Lipowitz and Paul Schwab of Azrael Franz presented the June 10 seminar entitled “The Hazards of Maryland’s Wrongful Death Law: What’s Wrong with this Picture (And How to Fix It)” before Maryland lawyers and judges. Jud spoke as the attorney for victims’ families, and Paul addressed matters related to the victims’ estates and the estates’ survival action claims. The Honorable Vicki Ballou-Watts, a Judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore County, also participated in the seminar. She summarized relevant judicial decisions and in her introductory comments praised the written seminar materials prepared by Jud and Paul.

If you would like more information on the seminar or its topic, please call Jud or Paul at (410) 821-6800 or email Jud at

Topics covered in The Hazards of Maryland”s Wrongful Death Law: What’s Wrong With This Picture (And How To Fix It) included:

  • Maryland’s Wrongful Death Statute
  • Survival Action in Maryland
  • Maryland’s Statute and Rules on Wrongful Death Actions
  • Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct Applicable to Wrongful Death Actions
  • Maryland Pattern Jury Instruction related to Wrongful Death
  • Important Wrongful Death Appellate Decisions
  • Simplified Maryland Noneconomic Damages Cap Chart
  • Wrongful Death Suggested Fee Agreement
  • An Estate’s Survival Action
  • Wrongful Death Complaint for jury Trial
  • Use Plantiffs in Wrongful Death Cases
  • Maryland Minor’s Recovery in Tort