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Fire Safety Regulations in Baltimore County

The Baltimore County Fire Marshal is responsible for enforcing the Baltimore County Fire Prevention Code. This Code outlines basic regulations for fire safety within Baltimore County. The Code adheres to the overarching Maryland Fire Prevention Code, but is modified to maintain relevance to county residents and businesses. The fire law attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab & Lipowitz, LLC, have provided a basic outline of fire prevention regulations that affect the county.

Baltimore County Smoke Alarm and Fire Protection System Regulations

Smoke alarms are a vital tool in preventing fire-related injuries and deaths. When installed and maintained properly, the devices give ample warning of smoke and fire so that individuals can evacuate a building safely. Smoke alarms are required in many public buildings within Baltimore County, such as offices, hotels and apartment complexes, child care centers, schools and more.

When installing smoke alarms, the fire department recommends that you place one on each level of your home and test them monthly to ensure that they work properly.

All multistory and high-rise buildings must have sprinkler systems installed and inspected by the fire department. Any fire protection system, such as sprinklers, hoses and extinguishers must be accessible to a fire department at all times.

Baltimore County Grill and Heating Device Regulations

While there are no regulations against having a grill or outdoor heating device near single family homes or town homes, there are such that prohibit the use of such within a certain distance of apartment buildings or residential complexes. The fire department recommends that individuals use and store charcoal or gas grills in areas that are more than 15 feet away from a home.

Kerosene heaters may not be used in apartment buildings or residential complexes. They are also prohibited in buildings such as schools, child care centers, hotels, hospitals and all other buildings where a large number of people congregate.

Open Burning in Baltimore County

Open burning, for purposes of agricultural burning or recreational bonfires is prohibited within the area of Baltimore County that lies within the Beltway (I-695). Outside of this area, bonfires—with the exception of small cooking fires—require a permit from the Fire Marshal. Additionally, agricultural burning requires inspection and approval by the Department of Environmental Protection Services, as well as a permit from the Fire Marshal. The burning of leaves and residential yard debris is strictly prohibited in Baltimore County.

The fire law attorneys at Azrael, Franz, Schwab & Lipowitz, LLC, strive to provide relevant information on Maryland fire safety and fire safety regulations. For more information on Baltimore County fire safety regulation, contact AFSL or your local fire department.

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