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Back to School! Here are Some Tips for Students and Drivers for the Upcoming School Year


Today is the first day of school for many students across Maryland.  Thousands of students will be taking to the streets in the morning and the afternoon. Roads will be busier, traffic will be heavier, and drivers need to be extra cautious.

Azrael Franz is asking every member of the community to please follow these tips to help keep our children safe:

For Drivers –

  • Follow traffic signs and never pass school buses flashing intermittent lights or displaying STOP signs
  • Drive within the speed limits displayed on marked zones
  • Avoid texting while driving and distracted driving
  • Watch for children waiting at a bus stop, walking, or riding their bicycles
  • Look for crossing guards, students, and adults in the crosswalks

Additionally, please help teach children to use precaution and stay safe using the following safety tips:

For Students –

  • Only use designated crosswalks, follow walking signals and remember to look both ways before crossing
  • Always walk along sidewalks, never along the edges of roads and do not play in the street or close to roadways
  • Avoid walking close to strangers on your way to/from school and always have alternate routes to reach your destination in case of emergency
  • Never accept rides from strangers or take items from strangers
  • Teach your children to always make eye contact with a bus driver before crossing


For more information on road safety and Maryland traffic laws, contact an attorney at Azrael Franz.

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