After the devastating events of 9/11, Keith Franz and Jud Lipowitz of Azrael Franz worked tirelessly with the families of four Maryland residents killed in the Pentagon, as well as the family of a New York resident killed in the World Trade Center. Although nearly 98 percent of all 9/11 victims applied for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001, these five brave families wanted answers to determine where the security failures occurred and how the airlines involved and their security contractors allowed nineteen terrorists to avoid security detection and meet up just behind the cockpit door of four American Airlines and United Airlines jets.

The following video shows Julie Shontere, mother of Pentagon 9/11 victim Angie Houtz.  Ms. Shontere explains that she would not consider settling before knowing how these glaring security failures were allowed to happen.  Keith and Jud worked with the Shonteres and all of their 9/11 families until they received the answers that they needed.

Nine years of litigation unveiled the answers that the families longed for. Azrael Franz Partner Keith Franz discusses the issue of airline negligence in the following video.