In 2009, Brenton Wilson, a former Owings Mills resident, was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 331 to Jamaica. As the plane was landing, the pilot overshot the runway due to complications with a rainstorm. Consequently, the plane landed about 15 feet from the Caribbean Sea. Wilson suffered head wounds, as well as shoulder, knee and back injuries. John R. Solter Jr. and Judson H. Lipowitz took on this case and were able to reach a settlement that was said to be “full, fair and reasonable.”

Wilson was one of 118 passengers who sued American Airlines after the plane crash. The airline was able to settle most of the claims that were filed throughout the federal courts of Florida, Texas, New Jersey and New York. Mr. Solter and Mr. Lipowitz handled Wilson’s case and were able to come to an agreement with American Airlines on July 2, 2013.