CBS Interviews Keith Franz Regarding Security Breach at BWI

In a CBS report published May 30th, 2017, AFSL partner Keith Franz spoke on a security incident that occurred at BWI airport. On Saturday, May 27th, an unauthorized man broke through one of the BWI airport gates with a car and illegally boarded an empty airplane with a backpack.

After airport authorities apprehended the man, they inspected his backpack, finding only papers and other personal effects. They quickly determined the incident was not terror-related. “Though the police indicate there is no terrorist link, this incident has exposed a vulnerability that could be exploited by a terrorist,” said Franz. MDTA police responded, and took the man into custody. It was later learned that the man was 42-year-old Andrew John Kottke, a former U.S. Marshall who recently resigned from his position. Hours before the incident at BWI, a domestic violence case was filed against Kottke in Prince George’s County, where he resides.

Of the incident, Franz said that even with all the layers of security airports implement, they still weren’t without flaws. Urging airport officials to think seriously on the recently transpired events, he stated, “Bottom line is, this is a serious wake up call. There’s no question we’ve got to get this straight. This cannot happen again.”

To see the full CBS report, click here.