CBS Baltimore Interviews Keith Franz Regarding Drone Collision Risk

AFSL Partner Keith Franz spoke with CBS Baltimore regarding the risk of commercial plane collisions as drone use becomes more prominent.

In a CBS Baltimore report published February 27, 2017, AFSL Partner Keith Franz spoke of the potential effect that a collision between a drone and a commercial plane could have. Mr. Franz stated, “The incidents where there could be a strike between a drone and manned aircraft, could be catastrophic.”

The FAA has reported that incidences of commercial pilots coming close to contact with drones have increased significantly in recent months. The Administration has suggested that the recent surge in consumer drone use has led to a forty-six percent increase in drone sightings from an aircraft. Despite the risk of fines and penalties for consumers who do not follow the drone rules outlined by the FAA, “near-hits” and “close-call” incidents between drones and other aircrafts are reported every day.

In these “close-call” situations, there is a possibility that “a drone could be drawn through one of jet engines, which could cause considerable havoc,” said Mr. Franz.

In order to preserve the order and safety of our airspaces, Mr. Franz suggested, “Drone operators must understand the rules, the rules are not that difficult. There are plenty of people who follow the rules but there are many who aren’t. If the rules are followed, things should be safe but if you break those rules, there could be serious consequences. The increase is a problem that we’re seeing and we’re trying to educate everyone.”

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